Introducing enhanced test management in Cerbos Hub - Search, filter, and view test results easily

Published by Rohit Ghumare on April 18, 2024
Introducing enhanced test management in Cerbos Hub - Search, filter, and view test results easily

Observation of our Cerbos Hub users in production has shown us that testing is a key part of authorization management. Hub users tend to have dozens - or in some cases hundreds - of tests defined in their authorization test suite. So, to better serve our users’ testing requirements, we have overhauled the Build screens in Cerbos Hub to enable filtering and easy searching for test cases. You can now choose to show either passing or failing test cases or search by a specific keyword.

The new search and filter capabilities within Cerbos Hub take the pain out of testing and troubleshooting policies for users who run a large number of tests. Imagine a build process with the policy tests represented in this sample repo, where filtering through the results to identify failures can be like finding a needle in a haystack - The latest update simplifies this process.

With the new update, you can instantly view all test results as soon as a build is completed. The interface displays a high-level summary of the test outcomes, including the number of tests passed, failed, or skipped, as well as the total number of tests. You can review the policy failures from 1000s of tests in one place by searching visual data of policy repos passed and failed test cases. You can compare results with the structure of the YAML file and roles in the same window, as shown below.

As you investigate, you can also narrow down and filter the test results. Whether you need to view just the failed tests or check the outcomes of specific cases by name, the UI provides quick access to the information you need.

For example, if there's a failure in the policy allowing admins to read resources, you can filter to view only the failed tests. As depicted in the provided screenshot, tests that expected a "DENY" effect but resulted in "ALLOW" are immediately visible, enabling quick identification and resolution of policy misconfiguration.

The ability to filter by test case name or result makes it easier for developers and policy authors to focus on the specific area of interest without having to scroll through every test case.


This update to Cerbos Hub enhances the developer experience by simplifying the process of understanding the test results in a specific build. The ability to search, filter, and pinpoint specific test cases shortens the feedback loop and accelerates the policy development and troubleshooting process all within Cerbos Hub.

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