Fine-grained logging and request limits, query plan improvements - Cerbos v0.21 Release

Published by Alex Olivier on September 21, 2022
Fine-grained logging and request limits, query plan improvements - Cerbos v0.21 Release

The latest release of Cerbos, v0.21, includes more fine-grained control over the request limits and metadata logs as well as improvements to the Query Planner output.

We have been working closely with users of Cerbos such as Utility Warehouse, 9fin, Salesroom, Wizeline, and Doorfeed on this release and can’t wait to hear more on what you would like to see in future releases - join our Slack community to join the conversation.

Cerbos v0.21 Release

Advanced server tuning knobs are now available to help users who have special deployment requirements. Most users won’t need to adjust these as the built-in defaults are suitable for most common deployment scenarios.

Users now have more control over which request metadata keys are logged to the request logs produced by the Audit logging system. Keys can be included or excluded based on your requirements. The default behaviour is to not log anything.

This release includes fixes to two edge cases found in the query planner:

  • Handle the case when all expressions in an any block evaluates to false

  • Gracefully handle self-referential lambda expressions with unknown values

When the Admin API is used to reload a store, it now automatically purges the compile cache.

The Go SDK client was previously restricted to local connections when TLS was disabled. Now it can connect to any host even when TLS is disabled.

You can find the full release notes here and if you have any questions join our Slack community.


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