What is authorization as a service?

Published by Alex Olivier on October 26, 2023
What is authorization as a service?

Authorization is the way in which user permissions are managed within an application. The term ‘authorization as a service’ refers to using a third-party service to take care of authorization throughout the application.

Cerbos PDP: The open source access control authorization layer

Cerbos PDP is an open source access control authorization layer that enables you to separate the authorization process from your core application. This type of authorization as a service, provides businesses and organizations in need of secure and efficient access control with a host of benefits, including:

  • Reduced development time: Creating and implementing a complex authorization system is normally a time-consuming endeavour. By contrast, Cerbos offers a standardized pre-built solution that is easy to integrate, saving you lots of time and, just as important, lots of money.
  • Flexibility: Cerbos scales with you as your company grows. It adapts quickly and easily to changing requirements and will provide uninterrupted service regardless of how fast your business is growing and what kind of accommodation you ask of it.
  • Centralized control: Authorization as a Service offers you centralized control of your access control policies across an array of applications. Manage permissions and roles and oversee all authorization activity from one central platform.
  • Rapid deployment: The Cerbos open source access control service is essentially ready-to-use. All you need to do is configure the access control mechanisms to suit your particular needs. No more having to endure extended development cycles.
  • Real-time monitoring: With Cerbos you have the ability to monitor and audit access activity in real-time. This enables much more effective enforcement of and compliance with internal policies and regulatory requirements. Generate detailed reports and nip attempts at unauthorized access in the bud.
  • Easy integration with existing systems: Cerbos open source access control is language agnostic and dovetails seamlessly with your existing systems regardless of the programming language used to create them. As such you’ll enjoy easy organization-wide control over multiple applications and services.
  • Adaptability: Cerbos can be easily updated to comply with ever-changing industry standards and regulatory requirements. You have the flexibility to modify access control policies on the fly to stay current with shifting compliance obligations.
  • Enhanced user experience: Cerbos authorization as a service provides a user-friendly interface with intuitive navigation that is designed to facilitate understanding, streamline access workflows and simplify the access request and approval process.

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