Kuppinger Cole identifies Cerbos as a universal solution for API authorization

Published by Heidi Hokanson on October 26, 2023
Kuppinger Cole identifies Cerbos as a universal solution for API authorization

Kuppinger Cole is an analyst firm specializing in the strategic management of digital identities, privileges, authentication, and access control as well as cybersecurity and business resilience. They publish vendor-neutral research and thought leadership on the market, products, and companies within their domain of expertise. 

This week they published their Leadership Compass on API and Security Management Solutions. In the report, they provide an analysis on the market category and compare a wide range of solutions including enterprise vendors like Google and Broadcom and smaller niche providers like Cerbos. 

Kuppinger Cole’s decision to include Cerbos in this report among larger vendors is a validation of our strength as an authorization solution. In their words: “Cerbos is an example of a vendor that only solves one specific problem but does it exceptionally well.” 

Kuppinger Cole specifically highlighted the following of Cerbos’ strengths: 

  • Highly scalable, low-latency stateless architecture with a broad range of supported deployment options fit for any application. 
  • REST and gRPC APIs with SDKs for major languages and development frameworks. 
  • YAML-based policy language allows expressing complex business logic in an agnostic manner. 
  • Policy playground and IDE integrations make the solution developer-friendly. 
  • Open-source codebase with a strong global community. 
  • Commercial cloud-native offering is available (currently in closed beta).

The Leadership Compass on API Security and Management Solutions is available for purchase here. Thank you Kuppinger Cole for your expert analysis on this category! 

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