Performance, Tracing, PHP SDK, Playground Updates - Cerbos v0.19 Release

Published by Alex Olivier on July 05, 2022
Performance, Tracing, PHP SDK, Playground Updates - Cerbos v0.19 Release

The latest release of Cerbos, v0.19, includes performance improvements and tracing support, a new PHP SDK, Cerbos Maven Central releases and a number of UX updates to the Playground.

We have been working closely with users of Cerbos such as Utility Warehouse, 9fin, Salesroom, Refine, and Doorfeed on this release and can’t wait to hear more on what you would like to see in future releases - join our Slack community to join the conversation.

Performance & Tracing

Cerbos v0.19 has been focused on a number of optimizations and improved tracing support.

  • The PlanResources API now validates requests using schemas to flag any invalid or unknown attributes. Similar to the CheckResources API, the schema enforcement level defined in the configuration file determines whether invalid requests are processed with warnings or completely rejected.

  • This release also includes several fixes to the PlanResources output to simplify the plan produced for expressions that make use of higher-order functions like in and exists. The AST produced for logical operators like and and or is now more consistent regardless of the operator used as well.

  • Distributed traces can now be exported to collectors that support OTLP by using the new otlp exporter. Thanks to community member @rcrowe for contributing this feature.

You can find the full release notes here.


Continuing on from the last release, a PHP SDK is now available via composer and the source is available on GitHub.

The Cerbos SDKs make calling and interacting with Cerbos a much more streamlined experience and provide native methods for constructing calls out to check authorization in your codebase. As with everything else with Cerbos, they are open-source and can be found on GitHub.

Java SDK Updates

This revision includes methods for fetching a query plan via the PlanResources API as well as the typical authorization check.

With this release, this Java SDK is available via Maven Central to make it simpler to include Cerbos as a dependency for your project.

Playground: Auto-detect Actions, Python Code Snippets

The Cerbos Playground now includes an improved experience when testing actions for a resource - the playground now automatically detects and checks the actions for the kind of your currently chosen resource. This removes the need to manually change the actions you are checking as you test different resource types.

Additionally, Python code snippets are now generated directly in the playground for you to quickly and simply get up and running with Cerbos.

You can find the full release notes here and if you have any questions join our Slack community.


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