Cerbos achieves SOC 2 Type II compliance

Published by Anna Paykina on January 09, 2024
Cerbos achieves SOC 2 Type II compliance

Cerbos has achieved SOC 2 Type II compliance in accordance with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) standards for SOC for Service Organizations, also known as SSAE 18. This accomplishment underscores our unwavering commitment to data security and compliance.

Understanding SOC 2 Type II compliance

SOC 2 compliance revolves around effectively managing client data, grounded in the five Trust Service Principles: security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. The SOC 2 Type II report provides an in-depth evaluation of a service provider's internal controls and systems in these areas, and delves into the intricate details of the infrastructure, software, people, data, and procedures over an intended period of time.

Significance for Cerbos’ customers

This compliance is more than a badge of honor; it's a testament to our dedication to safeguarding customer data. By achieving SOC 2 Type II compliance, we assure our customers that their sensitive information, as well as authorization roles, permissions, and access rules - critical components of our users’ applications, and are handled adhering to the highest standards of security and compliance.

Our compliance means that every aspect of our service - from infrastructure to personnel - has been rigorously evaluated and deemed secure. This provides our customers with the peace of mind that their data is not just handled, but protected by a verified system.

A tangible example of how our customers benefit from this compliance is through enhanced security measures. For instance, our process monitoring and intrusion detection systems significantly reduce the risk of data breaches. This means that when a customer uses Cerbos to manage access controls, they're not only streamlining their operations but are also operating within a highly secure ecosystem.

In summary, Cerbos' achievement of SOC 2 Type II compliance is not just a milestone for us; it's a direct benefit to our customers. It stands as a testament to our commitment to security, providing our users with a reliable solution.

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