Cerbos adds major new features to Cerbos Cloud

Published by Alex Olivier on July 18, 2023
Cerbos adds major new features to Cerbos Cloud

We're excited to announce major new features to Cerbos Cloud, a managed service offering for our open source product, Cerbos.

Cerbos Cloud simplifies the process of managing authorization policies, testing changes and distributing updates in real-time.

The new features will make the authorization management process of developers even more efficient and effective. New features being added include:

  • Automated detection of configuration issues to alert users that intervention is needed for Cerbos Cloud to work efficiently.
  • More granular controls and metrics on how local Policy Decisions Points connect and under which identity they authenticate with to support infrastructure and devops teams rolling out Cerbos.
  • Organizational support and team management capabilities to enable relevant stakeholders to be onboarded to Cerbos Cloud and collaborate on authorization policy.

The features put together by our team are based on valuable feedback from our beta users, and are designed to streamline workflows even further. We would like to extend a huge thank you to our community and beta users for their help and support!

Check out the following press releases to learn more about these exciting updates:

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