Join our upcoming webinar - Simplify access control in your apps with Cerbos Hub

Published by Alex Olivier on January 25, 2024
Join our upcoming webinar - Simplify access control in your apps with Cerbos Hub

Maintaining roles, permissions, and authorization policies within your apps create technical debt and security vulnerabilities. What if you need to replicate those same policies for an additional app or API - build and maintain separate codebases, creating an even bigger threat?

Join Alex Olivier, Cerbos Chief Product Officer, and Wesley, presenter of the popular ByteGrad Youtube channel, as they demonstrate how easy it is to author permissions and policy changes using Cerbos, and deploy those changes without changing any other code.

In this 45 minute session, you will learn to:

🧩 Set up a free policy repository on Cerbos Hub and define roles and permissions for your app.

🧩 Instantly synchronize policy changes across your entire app portfolio - front-end apps, mobile, APIs, and back-end services.

🧩 Use WASM libraries to operate and synchronize access control on front-end frameworks like React, across any cloud, and in serverless functions and architectures.

We’ll also have live Q&A, so bring your questions!


Alex Olivier, Chief Product Officer, Cerbos

Alex Olivier is the CPO and Co-founder at Cerbos. He has designed enterprise solutions from the ground up as an engineer, tech lead and product manager, always with an eye on the developer experience. At Microsoft, Qubit, and a myriad of startups he designed platforms which helped teams move faster at scale, with a focus on core components like authorization, data management and security.

Wesley, ByteGrad

Wesley is the driving force behind the popular ByteGrad Youtube channel that demystifies programming for developers at every experience levels, with over 85k subscribers and 1 million total views. Wesley has also authored popular courses such as "Professional React & Next.js", further solidifying his reputation as a leading voice for the developer community.

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