React Round Up podcast: User authorization with Cerbos

Published by Anna Paykina on February 02, 2023
React Round Up podcast: User authorization with Cerbos

In this episode of the React Round Up podcast, listeners have the opportunity to hear from Cerbos' own Alex Olivier as he joins TJ VanToll to talk about Cerbos in more detail and what it can offer to its users. Additionally, Alex explains the process of testing and setting Cerbos up.

In the episode, Alex dives into the world of authorization and how it can help companies scale, win enterprise clients, and meet regulatory requirements. He also highlights the current trend of decoupling applications into specialized services, with authorization being the next big step after authentication. But he’s not stopping there - Alex also breaks down the difference between stateful and stateless authorization and gives an introduction to Cerbos policies, which provide a perfect balance between configuration and code.

As a cloud native company, Cerbos is all about offering top-notch support for metrics, telemetry, and observability. And for those who are new to Cerbos, Alex provides an overview of what the company is all about.

Don't miss this insightful discussion. Listen to the latest episode of the React Round Up podcast now and learn how Cerbos can help improve your application's performance, security and streamline its access control logic.

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