Techstrong TV: Authorization, access management and identity, Emre Baran | OSS North America 2023

Published by Emre Baran on May 28, 2023
Techstrong TV: Authorization, access management and identity, Emre Baran | OSS North America 2023

As we navigate the evolving landscape of digital security, it's essential to understand the difference between authorization, access management, and identity. How and when we use these terms can shape the path to a more secure digital ecosystem.

In a conversation with Mike Vizard, Emre Baran, the CEO and co-founder of Cerbos, discussed these often misunderstood security concepts. Here's a brief summary of the discussion they had on the topic of authorization.

Unpacking the basics

Emre explained that although often used interchangeably, authorization, access management, and identity are distinct aspects of security, each playing a unique role in the broader security architecture.

Identity is all about answering the question, "Who is this?" This is the step where a system verifies who the user claims to be, usually through credentials like usernames and passwords.

Access management, on the other hand, is about defining and implementing who gets access to what resources. This ensures that individuals can access only the resources that they need to do their jobs.

Finally, authorization comes into play when deciding what actions a verified user can perform on a particular resource. Authorization is the last gatekeeper, ensuring users don't perform actions outside of their permitted boundaries.

Deep dive into authorization

Emre offered insights into the importance of this area of security. He emphasized that an effective authorization policy should not only protect sensitive resources but also be flexible enough to accommodate various needs and situations.

"Authorization is not a one-size-fits-all... Different contexts require different permissions. The more granular the authorization process, the more secure and personalized the user experience."

Emre also discussed the evolving challenges in the world of digital security. With rapidly changing technology and ever-increasing data breaches, organizations need to adopt an authorization approach that is both comprehensive and adaptable.

Full interview

Watch the recording of the entire conversation here to gain an even deeper understanding of the role that authorization plays in creating a safer digital environment.

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