theCube: Simplifying authorization for a seamless developer experience

Published by Emre Baran on May 15, 2023
theCube: Simplifying authorization for a seamless developer experience

Cerbos co-founder and CEO, Emre Baran, recently sat down with John Furrier and Rob Strechay at the Open Source Summit NA 2023, to discuss the role of security in applications and delve into the intricate details of Cerbos’ approach to authorization. In this conversation, Emre unveiled key aspects of Cerbos’ mission, the company’s focus on an exceptional developer experience, and the unique approach to authorization.

Have a look at a summary of some of the points covered below, or scroll to the bottom to watch the full interview.

  • Cerbos' mission is to simplify the authorization process with a microservice that developers can seamlessly integrate into their applications.
  • The team at Cerbos uphold open-source principles, encouraging developers to use Cerbos' secure authorization layer.
  • Exceptional developer experience is a priority. Cerbos offers SDKs in major programming languages, is compatible with popular frameworks, and adaptable to various deployment environments.
  • Cerbos’ guiding principles are security, speed, reliability, extensibility, scalability, and a superior developer experience. Cerbos aims for simplicity in the authorization process and a straightforward API for making authorization decisions.
  • Post the recent funding round of $7.5 million, Cerbos has launched a premium offering - Cerbos Cloud.
  • By focusing on simplicity, best practices, and compatibility across different technologies and environments, Cerbos offers a secure, efficient solution for implementing fine-grained authorization in software applications.

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