Zero Trust IAM

Zero Trust requires fine-grained policies built on a foundation of high-quality identity data.

Zero Trust IAM

Radiant Logic as Policy Information Point

Radiant Logic seamlessly aggregates, correlates, normalizes and presents a wide range of identity sources unavailable at any other single point in the network.

Each View of the correlated data can be filtered and formatted exactly to the needs of each policy engine in a highly scalable, performant, and available structure.

Cerbos as Policy Decision Point

Cerbos is the authorization mechanism ensuring each user or actor in a system is granted access to ONLY the resources allowed to them.

Write, test and manage fine-grained access control policies in a user-friendly interface, and keep policies synchronized across your stack.

Using Cerbos and Radiant Logic together

Combined Benefits

Cerbos makes access decisions by evaluating policy rules against Radiant Logic’s aggregated set of identity data.

Least-privilege by default

  • Radiant Logic ensures the completeness of your identity data, enabling fine-grained access decisions based on accurate and up-to-date data.
  • Cerbos simplifies the management of granular policies, enabling you to write more detailed access rules without adding code bloat.

Continuous monitoring to support governance and compliance

  • Radiant Logic surfaces high-quality data on who has access to what, and provides actionable insights into how you can improve user roles and access levels.
  • Cerbos provides detailed audit logs showing who is allowed or denied access to what, constantly verifying the efficacy of your access policies.