Cerbos Dagger module for authorization testing

Published by Alex Olivier on July 10, 2024
Cerbos Dagger module for authorization testing

We're excited to introduce our new Dagger module, designed to streamline the orchestration of authorization tests, and aid developers in managing fine-grained roles and permissions more effectively.

What’s in the video?

Alex Olivier, Cerbos CPO and Co-Founder, delves into the intricacies of the Cerbos Dagger module, and provides a hands-on demonstration using a sample expense tracking application. Here’s a summary of what you can expect:

1. Understanding authorization vs. authentication: Alex begins by clarifying the difference between authentication (verifying identity) and authorization (determining what actions a user can perform).

2. Challenges with traditional authorization logic: Traditional authorization often involves hardcoding complex, conditional logic directly into your application. This approach, while initially manageable, quickly becomes unwieldy and difficult to maintain.

3. The Cerbos solution: Cerbos externalizes authorization logic into centrally managed, auditable, and testable policies. This shift not only simplifies application code but also enhances security and flexibility.

4. Introducing the Dagger module: The Dagger module integrates seamlessly with Cerbos, enabling developers to compile and test policies, and run a Cerbos instance within a CI pipeline. This ensures robust and maintainable authorization mechanisms throughout the development lifecycle.

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Key features of the Cerbos Dagger module

1. Policy compilation and testing

Compile and test Cerbos policies to ensure they work as intended, detecting issues early.

2. CI pipeline integration

Automate testing of authorization rules within your CI pipeline, validating policy changes before deployment.

3. Simplified authorization management

Externalize authorization logic from application code, making it easier to update and manage permissions.

4. Centralized policy management

Enforce consistent authorization policies across all applications and services from a central point.


The Cerbos Dagger module simplifies authorization testing and management. It helps externalize and automate policy management, improving security and maintainability.

For more details, watch the full video on YouTube and explore the Dagger module used.

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