Modern software development in banking

Published by Alex Olivier on March 27, 2024
Modern software development in banking

Flagsmith have just launched an eBook tailored for the banking sector, focusing on contemporary software development practices. The piece brings together industry insights from leaders at Zuhlke, Dynatrace, as well as from Cerbos' CPO, Alex Olivier, among others, to navigate the complex landscape of banking technology.

Who is this eBook for?

This resource is invaluable for IT professionals, software developers, and decision-makers in the banking sector looking to modernize their operations. Whether you're grappling with the challenges of compliance, lengthy development cycles, or legacy system inertia, this eBook provides practical solutions and strategies.

What's inside?

  • Feature Flags: Learn how to deploy new features with confidence and control.
  • Observability: Gain insights into your systems to improve performance and user experience.
  • CI/CD: Streamline your development process for faster, more reliable releases.
  • Authorization: Cerbos shares expertise on securing access controls effectively.
  • Open Source: Explore how banks are leveraging open source for innovation and agility.
  • Platform Management: Discover strategies for managing complex software environments efficiently.

The eBook not only outlines the challenges but also showcases real-world applications of these modern practices.

Take the next step

Eager to delve into these insights and transform your software development practices? Access the eBook here.

Dive deeper into how Cerbos can revolutionize your approach to authorization with Cerbos Hub. Hub is designed to simplify and strengthen access control, ensuring your applications are secure and scalable. Explore Cerbos Hub and unlock the full potential of modern authorization practices for your banking software.


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