Modern Web podcast: Authorization on the web

Published by Emre Baran on January 13, 2023
Modern Web podcast: Authorization on the web

In this episode of the Modern Web podcast, listeners have the opportunity to hear from Cerbos' own Alex Olivier as he joins ThisDotLabs' Adam Barrett and Rob Ocel for a discussion about Cerbos. This must-listen episode is for developers and tech enthusiasts looking to centralize and improve their application's authorization layer and logic, and gain a deeper understanding of access controls and abstraction of permissions

Alex, Rob, and Adam delve into the distinction between authentication and authorization for access control and provide tips on how to begin decoupling the authorization logic in a software application. They discuss the importance of considering the permissions matrix and abstracting it out of code, as well as contextual permissions and how to define and process permissions for an object's owner.

As a system grows, maintaining consistency in the access control layer across multiple parts of the stack can become challenging. Listeners will learn how Cerbos addresses this issue with its self-hosted and stateless architecture, which allows it to be run anywhere and handle high volumes of authorization checks. They will also hear about the benefits of self-hosting Cerbos inside their environment for performance, speed, and security.

Listeners will learn about the ease of defining Cerbos policies, the fine line between access logic and business logic, and the powerful use cases developers can build on top of Cerbos. The speakers also discuss the benefits of consistent logging of every request and decision, and the positive side effects of having a centralized logic distributed and accessible from everywhere in the stack. Lastly, the speakers explore the unique corner cases that Cerbos addresses, making it a top choice for developers building their own authorization solutions.

Don't miss this informative and insightful discussion among software engineers. Alex, Rob, and Adam discuss Cerbos and its potential to revolutionize authorization logic in applications. Listen to the latest episode of the Modern Web podcast now and learn how Cerbos can help improve your application's performance, security and streamline its access control logic.

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