How to break down silos in your authorization management

Published by Alex Olivier on November 13, 2023
How to break down silos in your authorization management

Silos aren’t good for business. Having spent the best part of a decade either in product teams or as a tech lead, I've come to realize the significance of aligning authorization management with wider technical strategies and long-term business goals. Authorization is an enterprise-wide dialogue, echoing beyond the realms of engineering to encompass the diverse facets of business operations. It's not just about defining who can access what, it's about understanding the broader implications of these decisions on the organizational ecosystem.

The traditional approach often saw authorization logic hard-coded within the application codebase. This method, while straightforward, entrapped the logic in a silo, making it an arcane narrative understood only by those who crafted it. The modern era sees a transition from this siloed approach to a more integrated, centralized authorization management. This shift essentially extricates the complex logic from the application code, presenting it in a more standardized, human-readable format. It’s a move from monologue to a dialogue, enhancing transparency and comprehensibility.

Centralizing authorization is like having a unified narrative. It simplifies oversight and audibility by offering a single source of truth. Every decision and every change is tracked and traced within a centralized system, which not only enhances security but also ensures you are more ready as a business to tick the boxes of compliance. It's about fostering a culture of shared responsibility and collaborative engagement across the spectrum of stakeholders involved in authorization decisions.


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