Okta authorization: How to improve security & scalability

Published by Alex Olivier on August 23, 2023
Okta authorization: How to improve security & scalability

Benefits of integrating Cerbos with Okta

Integrating Okta and Cerbos can produce a variety of benefits especially when it comes to access and identity management. Those benefits include:

Greater access control

Cerbos is well-known for its ability to provide fine-grained access control, enabling users to define and institute access rules based on a variety of attributes related to the various components of an access event: namely users, resources and context.

Okta is known for allowing users simple and effective control over user attributes which helps ensure the right access is granted to the right people. By combining Cerbos and Okta RBAC the user is able to devise and enforce very precise access control.

Single sign-on (SSO) and user authentication

Okta's robust SSO capabilities make it possible for users to log in only once to gain access to multiple applications. When you integrate Okta with Cerbos you are able to enforce more broad-based access policies that leverage authenticated user identities provided by Okta. 

This additional level of authorization control helps ensure only those with proper Okta authorization can gain access to sensitive information.

Greater flexibility

Okta provides a centralized platform from which to manage the activities of individual users and groups. By integrating Cerbos you can leverage the identity information available through Okta to create dynamic access control policies that adapt easily to changing user roles, resource attributes or contextual changes.

Enhanced security

The multi-factor authentication and other features offered by Okta enable a high-degree of security over user accounts. But when you combine Okta with Cerbos you can take Okta’s native security measures to another level by more precisely controlling what actions a user can perform.


Whether you operate on-premises or in the cloud Okta and Cerbos are both designed to scale with your organization as it grows. That said, both take a cloud-based approach which makes integrating one with the other a straightforward process.

Simple customization

Okta RBAC enables you to customize user authentication and identity management. Cerbos enables simple customization of your access control policies. Taken together they enable a more finely tuned user experience tailored to the individual, their role and their needs.


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